Publish at 10 novembre 2021 Updated 19 novembre 2021

What is hidden in the secret Vatican archives?

No need to develop conspiracy theories

For historians, much of their work is based on the analysis of archives found or kept by states, organizations, museums, etc. Indeed, these documents are precious witnesses of bygone eras; pieces of daily, administrative or ecclesiastical life that speak volumes about their time. Among all those in existence, there is one that arouses the wildest fantasies: the secret archives of the Vatican.

Or, as the excellent videographer Nota Bene reminds us in this capsule, the name comes from a bad translation. In fact, they're not really any more secret than France's. Besides, the Hexagon has had access to these papers.

In fact, the Napoleonic regime repatriated to its territory the entire archive of the time, that is, more than 45,000 registers. Archivists have therefore analyzed and inventoried at length the contents, which are summarized in correspondence, administrative documents of the papal states, papal bulls, etc. Not much to give Dan Brown a new idea for a novel after all.

Always in the rigorous and humorous tone of Nota Bene

Time: 16min40

Illustration : Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

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