Publish at 22 juin 2021 Updated 10 novembre 2021

Draw like Rembrandt, Tiffany, Van Gogh or anyone else...

Artificial intelligence gives style to all your images

What is style?

This is a question that can be asked and it seems that programmers have answered it in their own way.

As far as painting is concerned, style is circumscribed as a set of relationships between strokes, volumes, positions and colors in a limited space.

In practice, one spontaneously grasps what Van Gogh's or Rembrandt's style might be and can reproduce its characteristics. To each his own style. But the process can be long before succeeding in mastering a bit of the Art of a master. And there are so many styles that you can get lost, for all tastes, from graffiti to landscape art. You can even find the fireman style!

With style offers to transform your images into the style you want. Easily.

You send an example of a style you like or you choose among those suggested and also the image you want to be transformed.

In about fifteen minutes, faster if you pay (2 €), you will get the image transformed by an artificial intelligence that will have been inspired by the style of the example provided.

The free version gives an image of 500 x 500 pixels. For a 1,300 x 1,300 image the cost is 19 Euros.

A test

We have taken the image from the File of the Week and provided as examples an old illustration of Thoth and also a Tiffany stained glass window. 

The mode of operation of the A.I. can be deduced from this:

  • What serves as a background is transferred; the large white space is occupied in roughly the same proportions.

  • What fills volumes is well identified. For example, the model's eye and nose are replaced by hieroglyphics. The size of the features is reproduced.

Although the image is not particularly inspiring and the suggested models are not the most aesthetically pleasing, the result is still impressive. On the site, you'll find significantly better examples.

To try: DeepArt

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