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Never-before-seen images or patterns can influence millions.

In the past, visions of the mind and imagination were shown as well as what was perceived directly by the senses. As we accumulated data, new illustrations came to light. appeared. The first maps of the world guided the explorers and the more accurate they became, the fewer sea monsters they monsters. Today, from data, visualization becomes dynamic, we bring dead people back to virtual life and we can successfully deceive our senses of wellbeing. and we can successfully deceive our senses in many ways. Visualization and the artisans who support it have not finished blowing our minds and challenging our reality. our reality.

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  • Watch

    22 septembre 2021
    By: Alexandre Roberge

    Does the future of the museum lie in holograms?

    Museums have adopted a variety of cultural mediation techniques, including many advanced technologies. Digital technology is now an integral part of the institutions. The next step will clearly be holograms, which are already in use in some institutions. An investment that allows visitors to be completely immersed in the theme of their exhibition.

  • Didactic

    22 septembre 2021
    By: Denis Cristol

    Design Fiction Applied to Education and Training

    The prototyping of futuristic uses or objects is facilitated by narrative practices applied to design

  • Publications

    22 septembre 2021
    By: Benoit Pignard

    Holographic place and visualization of urban dynamism [Thesis].

    The city is a space co-constructed by people to exchange, communicate and trade. The City and Man form a complex ecosystem in which Man shapes the City and the City shapes Man. The understanding of this system is essential to envisage the future of our urbanized societies. Let's discover how to visualize this complex to better understand it with Thibault Pierre Louis Romany.


  • Classes

    21 septembre 2021
    By: Coursera

    Biomedical Visualisation

    This course explores the structure and function of the human body including terminology used. It showcases visualisation techniques available using technology to image and display data related to the body and biological processes..

  • Exams- Tests

    08 septembre 2021
    By: Université Téluq

    Self-evaluation in written French

    This 10-minute self-assessment activity will allow you to quickly measure your written French skills.

  • Exams- Tests

    16 mars 2016
    By: Thot Cursus

    Test your French level for free for the DELF, DALF, DILF, TEF, TCF, DFP

    French tests are popular and also necessary: to be accepted in a foreign university, to apply for an international job, to manage international events, to emigrate or immigrate, etc. Discover and try tests from these 32 suggestions!


  • Video - Podcast - WebDocu

    22 septembre 2021
    By: Espace Mendès France

    The Photographic Counterculture

    Digital technology allows us to take a lot of pictures quickly and with an amazing resolution. But for photographic artists, this superficiality freezes the art too much. So more and more of them are borrowing old photographic techniques, creating images that are imperfect but have more meaning.

  • Video - Podcast - WebDocu

    22 septembre 2021
    By: Indépendants - Ressources gratuites

    Could They Draw? The artists of the past did not draw badly

    Could they draw? This is the question that arises when we see the naïve drawings in the caves, the side portraits of the Egyptians in antiquity or even some of the babies in the paintings of the Middle Ages. Now, yes, they mostly mastered the art of their time. But standards change over the eras and represent different concerns.

  • Video - Podcast - WebDocu

    21 septembre 2021
    By: Sociétés

    Gothic art: a window on the Middle Ages

    In the history of art, many note the Renaissance as the most fruitful period rich in illustrations. However, the medieval Gothic style had paved the way for this revival and offered techniques from which the greatest artists drew inspiration. Alas, the painters and sculptors of this period did not prosper as much as those who followed.


  • Applications

    14 septembre 2021

    Crewdle - Greener, peer-to-peer video conferencing system

    A video conferencing system that removes the servers that interfere between participants in a video communication to make it safer, greener and more affordable.

  • Applications

    22 juin 2021

    Draw like Rembrandt, Tiffany, Van Gogh or anyone else...

    We can spontaneously grasp the style of Van Gogh or Rembrandt and reproduce their characteristics. To each his own style. But it can take a long time to master the art of a master. DeepArt offers to transform your images into the style you want. Simply. Impressive.

  • Services

    24 août 2020
    By: Thot Cursus

    17 ideas and tools to strengthen sharing and communication in organizations

    As collaboration increases, fewer people are turning it into productivity. That doesn't mean that collaboration is a bad thing. In this article, I'll share 17 ideas (new and classic) and tools to boost communication and collaboration practices in business.

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